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DVe Herbes Pure Bergamot Essential Oil (30ml) - Mentha Citrata(30 ml)

Rs. 499.00

Rs. 265

46 % off
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Product Features:

  • For Men & Women
  • For All Application Areas
  • For All Skin Types
  • Quantity 30 ml

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BERGAMOT Latin name Citrus bergamiaFamily RutaceaeEssence from Peel of fruitFragrance Sweet, citrus, floralPrincipal properties and indicationsBergamote oil is a miraculous neuro-tonic & is a natural way to treat emotional disorders. It is uplifting, anti-depressant, relives anxiety, tension, compulsive behavior & insomnia. Relives feeling of frustration, stimulates the pancreas and the liver. It is also used to treat oily skin and acneKeywords Antidepressant Antiseptic Balancing UpliftingNeurological/Emotional Anxiety states - uplifting yet sedative Depression, Compulsive behaviorUse in bath, diffuser, inhalation, massageSkincare Acne, oily skin Boils, carbuncles Chicken pox Eczema Greasy scalp Herpes Psoriasis Any stress-related skin problemsUse in bath, compress, massageGenito-Urinary Cystitis (relieves physical causes and emotional tension and depression) Discharges Urinary infections Vaginal pruritis (itching)Use in bath, massage, sitz bathBergamot oil is extracted from the fruit of the bergamot tree, which is grown in Italy, Morocco and Corsica. According to The Aromatherapy Bible by Gill Farrer-Halls, the oil is taken from the peel of the fruit when it is nearly ripe. Bergamot oil has a citrus aroma and is used in aromatherapy. Many holistic practitioners also believe that it has medicinal benefits. Consult with a physician before ingesting bergamot or applying it to the skin.Emotional BenefitsBergamot oil is commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy. Its citrus scent is believed to have an uplifting effect. Therefore, it is often used as a natural way to treat emotional disorders such as depression, stress, nervous disorders and anxiety. Bergamot oil can be blended with other essential oils and is complimented by other citrus oils such as lemon and grapefruit. It can also be mixed with floral scents such as rose and geranium. Bergamot oil, and aromatherapy blends containing bergamot oil, are available for purchase online, at some health food stores and at many metaphysical and specialty stores. You may experience the emotional benefits of bergamot oil by using a few drops of the oil in a bath or aromatherapy diffuser, by wearing the scent as a perfume or by enjoying a massage with an oil that contains bergamot. According to The Aromatherapy Bible, no more than three drops of the oil should be used in a bath.Skin BenefitsThere are believed to be many skin benefits associated with the use of bergamot oil. According to The Aromatherapy Bible, bergamot is believed to have antiseptic properties. For this reason, it is often added to creams and lotions that are used to treat oily skin and acne. Bergamot oil is also thought to have deodorant properties and may be used in place of commercial deodorizers that may contain aluminum. Creams, lotions and massage oils containing bergamot oil can be purchased online as well as at local specialty skin-care and aromatherapy shops.Cleanse your body from the inside with stress-busting anti-oxidantsMedicinal BenefitsMany people believe there are medicinal benefits associated with bergamot oil. According to The Aromatherapy Bible, bergamot oil added to a bath is thought to reduce fever. Because of its purported antiseptic abilities, bergamot may be effective at treating infections. It may also aid in curing urinary tract infections. Some holistic practitioners believe bergamot can be used to treat a wide variety of digestive and respiratory diseases. According to, bergamot may be used medicinally to treat diseases such as diphtheria, bronchitis, gall stones, colic and halitosis.ContraindicationsDo not apply before sunbathing as BERGAMOT increases the photosensitivity ofthe skin. (Hence its inclusion in the sun-tan preparations)

DVe Herbes Pure Bergamot Essential Oil (30ml) - Mentha Citrata(30 ml) - Specifications

In the Box
Bath Essential Oil
Body & Essential Oil Traits
Application Area All
Organic Yes
Ideal For Men & Women
Body Oil Applied For Nourishment & Moisturization
General Traits
Quantity 30 ml
Model Name Pure Bergamot Essential Oil (30ml) - Mentha Citrata
Brand DVe Herbes
Skin Type All Skin Types


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