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Panties and Underwear

Confidence is something that comes from within and it is boosted by the clothes you wear. You need to be able to feel good inside and out to feel good, and nothing will help you feel better to get that aura of self-confidence than to buy the perfect pair of a ladies underwear.

Nothing really can damage your confidence than the most ill-fitting underwear, and so opting for the best bra and panty sets for you should be the thing you should be considering. It also does reveal a lot about your personality. It can range from sweet and innocent frills and pink cotton to more daring and naughty black lace. No matter whatever you choose to wear, just the properly matching bra and panties can automatically make you feel sexy and confident from inside out.

A great pair of matching bra and panties will surely boost the confidence up like anything. A perfectly fitted bra must complement with a perfectly suited panty to make you feel sexy and offer the erotic look you might have dreamed of. Why do we recommend bra and panty to complement each other? As much as we often wear mismatched lingerie sets, the idea of wearing an equally trendy and attractive and matching set of innerwear will definitely make you feel so much better.

Shopping for the right kind of bra and panty sets should not be a stressful experience. Most often than not you will find women with ill-fitting lingerie where the panty size too big or too small for them. Buying matching bra and panties can be the key to get back your confidence. It doesn't have to be expensive or something bought from a designer boutique, what's important is that it suits you well and molds into your body.

Why choose designer underwear?

This is a question that will pop up on any women’s mind before buying one. There are a number of reasons behind it. First, let's look at the perspective of quality. Most of the designer underwear you found on the online marketplace is made out of quality fabric. This means that you are not only comfortable with the soft material to protect your skin but also you would not want to take them off! The underwear is one of the most important things you wear in your daily life and nobody will want to go through a day with an uncomfortable pair of underwear. In terms of quality, good quality underwear made from skin-friendly fabric will help you get through your day in comfort, letting you do what you want without worrying about the itch or prickle that might cause discomfort.

The Perfect Fitting Bra and Panty Set

Making a style statement is not just about what's on the outside. The confidence with which you carry it off makes a huge difference and having the right bra panty set gives you that confidence from within. You should consider taking a few minutes to find the perfect bra and panty set to complement your dress! What you wear underneath deserves just as much importance as your outfit. It doesn't have to be boring in terms of design. Add a variety to your collection and experiment with lace, net or embroidery. Wear something that makes you feel instantly sexy from within! You can buy jockey ladies underwear, Calvin Klein underwear women, jockey underwear women, high waist slimming pants, lace panties, padded bra and panty set from online any time from your home.

What are the different types of panties you will find?

1. Briefs

Probably more commonly known as “granny panties”, this design offers a fully covered pelvic region and a high waistband. They are not at all the sexiest looking innerwear connotation but still, you can wear these types of panties for a comfortable feel underneath your dress.

Best time to wear them: When you are experiencing that time of the month, then these are really life saviors because they give you a lot of coverage, and also make you feel really secure down there.

2. Bikini

These types of panties are slimmer on the sides with a high-cut leg line and back coverage with a waistband that rests on the hips. You can consider this as the in-between of the thong and briefs. They offer the right amount of coverage area while still maintaining an attractive look to turn your partner on.

Best time to wear them: You can wear it anytime. They offer just enough coverage, so you can choose this option to go for if you require a less visible finish. Perfect for days when you want to wear something a little sexy.

3. boyshort panties

They look something like a man’s briefs, they are of more rectangular shape when compared to other panties — probably the most modest option available. They do offer a thong-style base but do cover the whole bottom with full coverage on the sides and front.

Best time to wear them: If you want to cover your butt and the hip area completely when you are wearing skirts, dresses or anything with a flowy construction, then boy shorts are the best choice for you. It’s less embarrassing if you ever encounter a Marilyn Monroe moment because it will more look like a pair of hotpants.

4. Hip huggers

As the name suggests, they are worn low around the hips, below the waistline with leg openings that hit well above the thigh. They often vary in the degree of coverage, so it’s entirely up to the wearer to decide.

Best time to wear them: The main benefit of wearing this type of panties is that it can help minimize the risk of exposing your underwear, especially at the time you sit somewhere.

5. Thongs / g string panties

Every woman should have at least one of these kinds, though they might not be the most comfortable of underwear you will find. It’s almost like a bikini panty that comes with a high-cut leg, with a thin strip around your butt.

Best time to wear them: This is the style that people mostly wear when they are wearing fitting clothes as it provides no coverage on the butt and doesn’t show the Panty lines.

Match your bra with a well-suited panty

There is no better option than wearing a well-fitted dress to drive your confidence to the next level. By dressing well, it doesn’t always mean how good you look on the outside, but also on the inside. What you wear inside actually tells about your true personality. Wearing a hot pair of comfortable lingerie underneath is one of the most important things which we often ignore.

Today, you can browse through a wide range of latest and stylish bra and panty sets online from any of the online stores like Flipkart, Amazon or snapdeal. Shopping your panties online has many added benefits like privacy, easy searching of products and easy payment options.

Most popular types of bottom wear every women must know before buying

1. Seamless panty Sets:

Bodycon outfits look really great but the visibility of your undergarment even an inch will ruin the appearance of your entire outfit. So, seamless bra panty sets are the best choice as they hug your curves perfectly.

2. lace underwear sets:

If you want to be attractive to turn on your partner then lace bra and panty sets are probably the best things you could come across. Crafted with the delicacy of exquisite lace fabric, these lingerie sets are designed to make you look sexy and at the same time make you feel comfortable.

3. Sheer Sets:

Similar to lace sets are the sheer bra panty sets, which are perfect for every bridal trousseau. You can play trick or treat with your partner wearing these sexy bra panty sets as they are super fun and versatile at the same time.

4. Teen Sets:

Teen bra and panty sets are quite soft and mode of pure cotton fabric and features an easy slip-on style. These sets ensure the utmost comfort level and support during these growing years of life.

5. cotton panties:

Last, but not the least, you have the regular bra and panty sets made out of cotton. They sit nicely on your body and offer a high level of comfort.


Top 5 panty brands in India

  1. Clovia

Price Range: Below Rs. 500-1000

Type: Briefs, Hipster, Bikini, Boy Shorts, Thongs, High Rise, Bridal Panties, Seamless

Pattern: Solid, Printed, Lace, Floral

Size: L, M, Xl, S, Xxl, Xs, Onesize

Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,,,,, &

  1. Zivame

Price Range: Below Rs. 500-1000

Type: Briefs, Hipster, Bikini, Boy Shorts, Thongs, High Rise, Bridal Panties, Seamless

Pattern: Solid, Printed, Lace, Floral

Size: L, M, Xl, S, Xxl, Xs, Onesize

Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,,,,, &

  1. Prettysecrets

Prettysecrets are worth buying for the quality of products and the most reasonable prices they offer for. Go gorgeous in the romantic mood and choose the perfect one from the bridal collection of lingerie.

Price Range: Below Rs. 500-1500

Type: Bikinis, Basic, Hipster, Seamless, Thongs, G-Stings, Briefs

Pattern: Solid, Lace, Printed, Floral

Size: S, Xs, M, L, Xl, Free

Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,, &

  1. Amante

Price Range: Below Rs. 500-1000

Type: Bikinis, Basic, Hipster, Seamless, Boyshorts, Briefs, Thongs

Pattern: Printed, Solid, Lace, Floral, Satin Finish, Striped, Embellished

Size: S, XS, M, L, XL

Websites to Buy:,,,,,,, &

  1. Lady Lyka

Lady Lyka provides the most glamorous lingerie. There are all kinds of panties available at Lady Lyka. The brand based in England has become most loved throughout the world for its lovable products.

Price Range: Rs. 500-2500

Type: Hipster, Basic, Thongs, Brazillian Briefs, Mini Briefs, Boy Shorts

Pattern: Printed, Solid, Lace, Embroidered, Striped, Floral

Size: S, Xs, Xxs, M, L, Xl, Xxl

Websites to Buy:,,, &


  1. Why bra singular and panties plural?

A bra is a shortened version of the word “brassiere,” which has its origin as a Norman word for a child's undershirt. Hence it is singular.

"Panties" actually also comes originally from French, from the word "pantaloon," and it was in English that it acquired the standard plural.

  1. What are the popular bra and panties brands online shopping?

Some of the top panty brands available online are

  1. Clovia.

  2. Zivame.

  3. Prettysecrets.

  4. Amante.

  5. Next.

  6. Jockey.

  7. Inner Sense.

  8. Bwitch.

  1. What are the different bras and panties size chart?

Panties Size chart (inch)

Click on your size below to shop what's available in your size.







Pant Size

0 - 2

4 - 6

8 - 10

12 - 14

16 - 18

Low Hip (in inches)

35 - 36

37 - 38

39 - 40

41.5 - 43

44.5 - 46.5


  1. What are the bra panties set price chart?

Women Lingerie Sets

Latest Price

Women Maroon Maxi Nightdress X10

Rs. 203

You Forever Women's Nighty

Rs. 219

You Forever Lingerie Set

Rs. 133

Women's Nightdress (X209_Wine_Wine_Free Size)

Rs. 269

You Forever Lingerie Set

Rs. 149

Kanika Women Satin Bra & Panty Set-Light Pink & Black

Rs. 150

Highlander Men's T-Shirt (13130001422376_HLTS000730_Medium_Total Eclipse)

Rs. 449

Women's Nightdress (Pack of 2) (221K-209N_Multicolour_Free Size)

Rs. 299

Nice Red Satin Robe Sleepwear

Rs. 239

Lingerie Set

Rs. 294


Scratchy or too tight undies can downright spoil an outing for you. So to ensure that it doesn’t happen, when you buy panties online, choose them sensibly while keeping your preference in mind. Select on the basis of comfort level, size, shape, color, and style.

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