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Lingerie and Nightdress for women

Choosing a lingerie and a sleepwear can be a difficult task. Before you buy anything, you had better consider what kind of inner clothing you want, whether it is bras, innerwear, or nightwear. The most important thing is to keep in mind what size, shape, and style you want. With us, you will find a wide range of lingerie and sleepwear brands that are not only comfortable but also pretty and stylish. 

Erotic lingerie sets will never go out of style. There is always something about transparent lingerie sets. Women look very sexy with a pair of a transparent lingerie set. To buy attractive and colorful lingerie set online you need to search for lingerie sets from any of the popular search engines like Google or Bing. You will find lots of designer lingerie from various reputed brands from all the top e-commerce sites.

The simplest way to purchase lingerie is to buy a matching lingerie set. Sometimes both pieces are see-through and sometimes one piece is see-through and the other piece is solid. Matching lingerie sets can be bought from online stores. There are some advantages to buying your lingerie set from online. The first advantage of bra online shopping is that it gives you the privacy to purchase. Sometime you may need privacy to choose your lingerie set. Not only that the other advantages are that you can choose from a wide range of underwear sets. You can search according to your budget and preferences in a very convenient way.

You can also pay the amount online using cards or by using your internet banking account. You can also use UPI payment. If you want you can opt for COD option. This option lets you pay the amount after you get the product delivered to your home. The payment process is secured also as the online sites use SSL security protocol.


Advantages of matching lingerie sets

Matching lingerie sets keep your undergarment collection evenly balanced. Many times it has been a situation that you may have got thirty pairs of panties and only ten bras. This will no longer be a problem if you buy matching lingerie sets. You'll always have an even number of bras and panties.

Comfortable women’s lingerie for a confident you

Good-quality innerwear is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. You can choose specific kinds of innerwear which will let you wear different types of dresses with confidence. For instance, a bandeau bra works well with off-shoulder tops. Bikini briefs are perfect for low-rise jeans.

Common Types Of Lingerie

Below are the most common types of lingerie that can have in your wardrobe


These are also known as a foundation garment, this is used to make you look slim and fit. You can wear slim wear with every type of dresses for example with a pair of jeans, gowns and so on. Different types of shapewear you can find online.

Shapewear or foundation garments are a type of women's lingerie that can make you look slim and give you a proper shape. Many different types of shapewear are available online and you can find them on any of the online stores like Amazon, Flipkart and snapdeal. You can wear them under almost all your dresses like jeans, a dress or even a saree.

Some of the different types of shareware are


If you want to enhance your curves, then you must buy yourself a corset. This lingerie helps you look thin at the waist, and make you look slim and highlight your curves, especially the lower part of your body. Corsets are most widely used with a bodycon dress or gown. Your waist will look slim, with your bust and waist will be accentuated, giving you an hourglass shape. Bodycon dresses look great if you wear them with a corset.


Robes are used to cover you. You can wear them at home especially after you had a shower. Robes are worn after a bath or when applying your makeup. Robes are mostly made from soft fabric to give you comfort at the home.


Panties are quite necessary underwear for every woman. While regular panties are a must-have, you can always try some fancy types of panties as well. Women who are pregnant do require maternity panties which are a bit different from the normal ones. Post-pregnancy bras are also different. If you’re feeling fancy, you can buy a G-string or thongs. Other types of panties include bikinis and cheekiness.

Different types of panties

1. Briefs

Probably more commonly known as “granny panties”, this design offers a fully covered pelvic region and a high waistband. They are not at all the sexiest looking innerwear connotation but still, you can wear these types of panties for a comfortable feel underneath your dress.

2. Bikini

These types of panties are slimmer on the sides with a high-cut leg line and back coverage with a waistband that rests on the hips. You can consider this as the in-between of the thong and briefs. They offer the right amount of coverage area while still maintaining an attractive look to turn your partner on.

3. boyshort panties

They look something like a man’s briefs, they are of more rectangular shape when compared to other panties — probably the most modest option available. They do offer a thong-style base but do cover the whole bottom with full coverage on the sides and front.

4. Hip huggers

As the name suggests, they are worn low around the hips, below the waistline with leg openings that hit well above the thigh. They often vary in the degree of coverage, so it’s entirely up to the wearer to decide.

5. Thongs / g string panties

Every woman should have at least one of these kinds, though they might not be the most comfortable of underwear you will find. It’s almost like a bikini panty that comes with a high-cut leg, with a thin strip around your butt.


Bras or brassieres are a must-have in every wardrobe. They help to support and protect your breast. The most commonly used type of bra is as follows:

1. T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are the most popular among women. These are the type of bras that you can wear for everyday purposes. They are a must-have for a smooth and seamless look, especially when you are wearing dresses made from thin fabrics or light fittings. T-shirt bras are also look very stylish with all the cutest prints and colors!

2. Strapless Bra

If you are planning to wear an off-shoulder dress or a halter top for a party then you must have a strapless bra. Strapless bras are also very much convenient, and also very comfortable to wear at the same time. When you’re shopping for one, ask about details such as internal gel strips, wire or plastic-reinforced side panels and wide backs and sides that make sure your bra stays up!

3. Push-Up Bra

We know that there are different types of bras for different occasions. If you are planning to wear your brand new V-neck top then do wear a push-up bra. These kinds of bras do make a killer cleavage. Choose between padded or unpadded ones depending on your cup size.

4. Padded Bra

This is the one type of bra which every woman must have in their wardrobe. It’s the perfect fit for T-shirts and Body-hugging outfits as the padded cups of the bra prevent the nipple to show. They can also be either underwired for added-support or wire-free for all-day comfort. The additional advantage of this bra type is that it has different necklines and coverages for different breast sizes. So, chose the style that’s best suited for you.

5. Demi Bra

There are many types of bra cups for differently breast shapes. The Demi bra types have partially cut-away cups that make the upper portion of you breast visible. When it comes to different types of bras for different occasions, the demi-cup just what you need for formal events and parties


Negligees, also known as nightgowns, are usually worn at bedtime. You can get a plain and simple satin negligee, or choose from a wide range of lacey ones. Either way, a negligee is one of the most comfortable lingerie you can find online. These are comfortable to wear and made of soft quality fabric, they allow your skin to breathe at night so that you can have a good sleep.


Camisoles or spaghetti top straps are worn over your bra. They are most commonly worn if the neckline of your top is too deep or when you wear a top that is made of see-through fabric or lace. They can also be used as sportswear, casual wear, or sleepwear. Camisoles can be worn under sheer tops or tops with a low neckline as well. Invest in camisoles of different colors, to suit your purpose.


Wearing comfortable clothing at night is always recommended so that you can have a good quality sleep. Also, your skin is constantly regenerating at night, so this is the major reason as to why you need to wear easy, breathable nightgowns for women that are made of skin-friendly fabric.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying nightgowns for women

Get the right fabric - most of your lingerie like your panties, bra, camisole, and corset are always keeps in touch with your skin. So always try to buy lingerie sets that are made from smooth and soft fabrics. If you have sensitive skin and your skin is prone to allergies then always buy lingerie that is made of pure cotton, as cotton is one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin.

Get the right size - this is important when you are buying your bras, corsets, bustiers, and shapewear. They need to fit you perfectly so that they look good and you get the right shape. Ill-fitting bras and other inner wears also make the breast to get sagged. Over a period, the inner wears you are using, lose their elasticity, and the fabric can get worn out. So you need to keep changing your lingerie after a certain time of use. You can buy best quality lingerie sets from online like zivame bra online, clovia nightwear, etc.

How to Choose women's nightwear for your Body Type?

There are different types of ladies' nightwear available like sports bras to maternity and multi-function bras for all body shapes and sizes – right up to size DD and E, and up to XXL panty sizes. So, identify your shape and which category you fall under - rectangle, pear, inverted triangle or hourglass and take a look at our suggestions below.

Women Lingerie Sets Price List on November, 2019

Women Lingerie Sets

Latest Price

Women Maroon Maxi Nightdress X10

Rs. 203

You Forever Women's Nighty

Rs. 219

You Forever Lingerie Set

Rs. 133

Women's Nightdress (X209_Wine_Wine_Free Size)

Rs. 269

You Forever Lingerie Set

Rs. 149

Kanika Women Satin Bra & Panty Set-Light Pink & Black

Rs. 150

Highlander Men's T-Shirt (13130001422376_HLTS000730_Medium_Total Eclipse)

Rs. 449

Women's Nightdress (Pack of 2) (221K-209N_Multicolour_Free Size)

Rs. 299

Nice Red Satin Robe Sleepwear

Rs. 239

Lingerie Set

Rs. 294


  1. Why should you buy a lingerie set?

Most often than not women find in their wardrobe that they may have 1 dozen of bras but a few panties. This problem can be solved if you buy a set of lingerie.

  1. What are the best brands of lingerie sets?

Combining comfort, practicality and elegance, following are the best lingerie set brands for every woman.

1 Agent Provocateur.

2 Versace Lingerie.

3 Calvin Klein Underwear.

4 La Perla.

5 Savage x Fenty.

6 Cosabella.

7 ThirdLove.

8 Livy.

A woman needs to be beautiful from inside, the outer appearance can be modified, but the primary focus goes to the inside.  Women’s always have the habit of applying different glossy items, make-ups, and others to make their outlook gorgeous but what about the inner body? To provide the exact solution to this tricky topic brings a meticulous gathering of lingerie and sleepwear for women in India.

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