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Dumbbells are used to achieve increase the strength of your muscles. If you want to gain your muscle strength, dumbells are a good place to start it. Online buy dumbells, you can browse through our wide range of dumbells brands in order to get that will be suitable for you. The essential equipment required for every kind of weight training are dumbbells and weight plates. These items offer the needed flexibility and the ability to perform various types of exercises.

Buy Dumbbells Online at a very affordable price
If you think that weights are only mean for weight lifters then you need to think again. Weight training is one of the most effective ways of being healthy to be fit for life. If you have stopped wearing sleeveless garments only because of those flabby arms or your back isn’t as in shape as it was before you put on weight. Or even you are in a normal weight range yet don’t have the toned body then a pair of dumbbells can do wonders for you.

You may have lifted the gym dumbbells once or twice before and ended up having sore forearms and shoulders. Then, it is not because of any other reason but you have picked the wrong weight. With absolutely no prior learning, these wonderful exercise aids can be used in many ways to give you a complete body workout.

Advantages of using Dumbbells

They help to tone up Muscles

These exercise aids not only help you pull off biceps curls or any other upper body exercises, but they also can be helpful to develop toned legs, back, and abdominals as well. When your body gets conditioned to a given exercise, it doesn’t feel any challenge, and the muscles do not develop any further. These exercise tools can help you combat this situation. Using only a pair of dumbbells you can perform many different exercises so that you can constantly challenge your body to perform better and to grow more.

They help to build strength

Using dumbbells you can get a full range of motion during exercise, so you can challenge your muscles in the best possible ways. For example, if you’re using a barbell during a bench press it has a restricted motion and not offer you a full range of motion but, when you hold one dumbbell in each hand, you can bring the weight down lower and lower during each repetition. This helps you work on more muscle fiber so that muscle growth is encouraged.

Help to maintain a Healthier Heart

According to researches done, weight training is said to be helpful in reducing blood pressure, which indirectly strengthens the heart. It can also be helpful to maintain a low lipid profile and also increase oxygen uptake into the blood and brain.

They Help Prevent Injury

Most of the exercise equipment is made to target any particular muscle in the body but it’s equally important to strengthen small muscles, ligaments, and tendons to help stabilize your joints. The other machines present in the gym may not always support secondary muscles and supporting tissues, which may cause injuries in the joints. So dumbbells help strengthen you and also protect you from injuries.

If you are planning to buy dumbbells online then brands range like IBS, Body Maxx, Protoner, Body Maxx Premium, Arnav, etc you can search and buy from online with great ease. that are tailored for your needs, desires, and preferences. Find the one that suits your budget. You can opt for the dumbbells of Rs. 499 and Below, Rs. 500 - Rs. 999, Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1499, Rs. 2000 and Above, Rs. 1500 - Rs. 1999 rupees.


The Top 5 list on latest gym equipment includes Pull Ups Bar, Height Gym Bar, Door Gym Bar, Protoner Adjustable Dumbbells 15 Kg Weight With 2 Dumbbell Rods, 3 FEET CURL ROD OR EZ ROD OR ZIG ZAG BAR FOR WEIGHT LIFTING + 2 LOCKS FREE, Body Maxx 20 Kg Weight Lifting Adjustable Rubber Dumbells Sets, Imported S-Shape Push-up Bar. You can browse through all these equipment online in any of the popular e-stores and pick your favorite one and make the payment online.

The online payment process is simple and secured with SSL encryption which ensures the security of payment details. You can also opt for COD where you can pay your payment amount after delivery of the product.

Bestselling Dumbbells Price in India 2019


Bestselling Dumbbells

Dumbbells Price


WOLPHY 2 16-20 Kg Black Rubber Dumbbell

Rs. 1,520


D2U Fixed Weight Silver color Steel Dumbbell 5 Kg (1 Pc)

Rs. 1,461


Wolphy 10 Kg Dumbells Set

Rs. 840


STAR X pvc 20 kg weight with rods dumbbells set

Rs. 1,849


Wolphy 20 Kg Dumbells Set

Rs. 1,599


Lycan 10 Kg Adjustable Dumbbell With 2 Pc Dumbbell Rod

Rs. 1,946


Vibro White Plastic Dumbbell

Rs. 599


Wolphy 18 Kg Black Dumbbells with gym gloves

Rs. 999


Lycan 20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbell With 2 Pc Dumbbell Rod

Rs. 2,512


Wolphy 10 Kg Dumbbell Rod Set with Gloves

Rs. 1,265





List of Best Selling Dumbbells price

Latest Dumbbells


10 Kg Adjustable Fitness Extreme Rubber plates + Dumbells Rods 14" Star Bolts.. 

Rs. 939


Rs. 675

Body Maxx 20 Kg Adjustable Steel Chrome Plated Dumbells + Dumbells Rods + Gloves 

Rs. 2554

Branded 40 Kg Adjustable Rubber Dumbells Sets With 2 Rods + Gloves 

Rs. 1930

Body Maxx 10 Kg Rubber Weight Plates + 2 Rods + Gloves + Rope +Gripper+ Dumbells 

Rs. 1059

12 Kg Body Maxx Chrome Steel Adjustable Weight Lifting Dumbells Sets 

Rs. 1838

Body Maxx 5 KG Hex Dumbells x 1 Pair. Rubber Hex Dumbells 5 KG Each x 2 no 

Rs. 1516

Complete Family Pvc Rubber Dumbells Sets 1 KG+2 KG+3 KG+4 KG+5KG X 1 PAIR EACH 

Rs. 1556

14" Dumbells rods x 1 pair 

Rs. 449

Protoner 15 Kg PVC Dumbells Sets, PVC Plates + Dumbells Rods 

Rs. 979



How do I know what is the best weight for me to use?

Choose the weight based on your strength level.

Try to practice with lightweight dumbbells until you are accustomed with the weight then move on to the next level by increasing the weight.

What weights should I start with?

To develop maximal strength, it is suggested that you should lift as heavy as possible for not more than 2–6 sets of 6 or fewer reps.

Is it OK to lift weights every day?

Lifting weights every day is not a good idea if you want to grow your muscles.

Why online buy of gym equipment is a good idea?

In the market, if you visit a sports store to buy these weights then it can take the image of an awkward picture, which comprises choosing the perfect piece from a limited selection of equipment available. Also, transporting the items all the way to your home; as a whole, it can be a real mess. However, with online shopping at pricedesi.com, you can straightforwardly check the massive assembly of massive dumbbell sets and other items then select the item hit buy and get the pieces delivered to your doorstep. You can also get the chance of saving your money as the prices are lower than conventional sports stores and by the enormous discounts available at pricedesi.com some extra money will be saved.

Why Gym at home is Needed?

Those who are passionate about bodybuilding they consider going to a gym is always the best option. However, a gym has few minus points like in peak hours it will get crowded, and you will not get enough space to perform your task. Moreover, also it is a fact that a person does not always stay active at a particular time in a day he feels lazy and inactive. However, if you have the best adjustable dumbbells present at your home, then there will be complete relaxation that any time you feel active, you can perform your task.

Buy Dumbbells online at pricedesi

Buying dumbbells set online can grant you many advantages and also you are proposed numerous items where you have to select the piece which you want from the brands towards which you are inclined to. Shrih, Credence, HOME 2 GYM, MD Design, Maizo, National sports, and several other branded items are available at pricedesi.co. You might be having a thought that as these pieces of weight training equipment are manufactured by some of the renowned bodies, then they will be costly. However, at pricedesi.com the picture is entirely different here you can get dumbbells set obtainable at a very reasonable price.