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Your mobile phone is like your best friend, and like any other friend, you must look after it. You can safeguard for your phone and also augment its performance by using  mobile phone accessories. From Mobile Case and headsets to memory cards and power banks, accessories aren’t only evading physical damage to your phones, but also making them look elegant an stylish. Shop for these accessories from a range of brands like Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk, Eveready and others.TThe best companion for mobile phones is the accessories. They enhance the appearances and performance of mobile phones. Nowadays mobile phones have become child’s play with the assistance of mobile accessories. Presently, a mobile phone has extensive inbuilt tools and features which with the crossing of time have been strikingly shaped to a mobile phone user’s day to day life. With the addition of new features like the camera, memory card, music player, and the internet have executed these devices an essential part of mobile accessories. No one would be able to perform the complicated functions efficiently without the mobile accessories. It also offers various tastes of real-life enjoyment with its modern features like wireless connectivity, music and data transfer. Thus, the mobile accessories which include the USB cable, charger, Bluetooth headset, mobile covers, PC suite Software and memory card are essential for every individual. Modern age mobile phones come with free mobile accessories such as memory card, charger, USB cable, selfie stick, and stereo headsets. Mobile accessories can also include simple mobile covers to transform the appearances of the mobile phone.