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4G Calling Tablet

The usage of Tablets has grown considerably in the last few years since the internet has become an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives. Social media has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade or so, which in turn has increased the number of tablet users. A calling tablet is something that comes with a voice calling facility with SIM support that makes your life more convenient.

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There are a number of android tablet available in the market. They all supports 4G network, LTE and many other features. 4G tablets are always better than smart phones when you are a game freak or movie lover. These tablets come in big screen sizes when compare to smart phones.

If you watch your favourite movies on tablet you can enjoy it further with great quality display and sound. The bigger screen will let you enjoy the movie or play the game more than any mobile phones could offer you. All the reputed mobile phone manufacturers have a different segment for their tab users. Using these tablets you can even make calls either using LTE or VOIP. All the modern tablets have separate SIM slots where you can insert 4G SIMs with 4G connectivity. With a bigger screen it also gives a better experience for online calling.

You can check for 4g caling tablet price in india through search engines. You can buy them from online stores. All the reputed online stores are selling the latest 4G calling tablets from all the reputed brands. If you don’t have an idea about the configurations of any particular model you can check every detail from the online stores. Every product has a product description column when you can find each and every functionality and features. The things you should keep into consideration are the RAM size and processor used. These generally responsible for the performance of any tablets.


You can buy any of the tablet mobile from online stores like amazon or Flipkart. Online shopping is easy and convenient where you can browse thousands of tablet models and get every essential detail on the product details page. On the product details page, you can get every technical specification and detail with a review and rating of every product. You can also pay the payment online using any of the secured payment options.


How does a SIM card work on tablet ?

If your tablet has 4G, you can put in a SIM card to make calls and use 4G Internet. This means you can use any of the service provider’s subscription, use a prepaid SIM card, or transfer the SIM card from your smartphone. Keep in mind that older tablets have a micro SIM card slot, while most phones have a nano SIM card slot. Have a look at the product specifications to see what SIM card size your phone/tablet supports.

Benefits of 4G calling tablets


What is the difference between WiFi and 4G tablets?

Most tablets can be only connected to the Internet via WiFi. You can use your own WiFi network at home. But when you are on the move, you'll have to depend on public WiFi networks. 4G tablets have dedicated slots for a SIM card, just like your phone does. If you put a SIM card in a tablet, you can use it as a phone; you use 4G to connect to the Internet on the go, and you can make calls with your tablet.

4G Tablet Price List (2019)

4G Tablet Price List


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 LTE

Rs. 19,997

Honor Pad 5 10.1 64GB

Rs. 15,999

Lenovo Tab V7

Rs. 9,490

Lenovo Tab 4 10 16GB LTE

Rs. 13,122

I Kall N10

Rs. 6,299

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 LTE

Rs. 15,990

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 LTE

Rs. 12,099

iBall Slide Nova 4G

Rs. 8,299

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LTE

Rs. 59,900

Lenovo Tab V7 64GB

Rs. 10,999




What makes a tablet a tablet?

A true tablet is any device that has a screen that measures over 5 inches running a full operating system like Windows, Mac OS X, Android or Linux. A tablet PC has an x86 processor, runs a desktop OS, and has a screen size anywhere from 5 inches to 21 inches.

What is the advantage of having a tablet?

Tablets are very lightweight and have the significant advantage of being less expensive than smartphones that are packed with the same features. In fact, tablets are less expensive than smartphones of most brands.

What is the difference between laptop and tablet?

Laptops are thicker and heavier in weight but tablets are more portable than laptops due to the fact that they are easier to carry owing to their lesser weight and thickness. Another difference is that a laptop contains a physical keyboard whereas a tablet does not have a physical keyboard.

Can I use a tablet as a phone?

If you have a portable device like a tablet, you can use your internet connection to make a call. Tablets use a technology called Voice Over IP to send voice and video calls to regular phones. You can also make calls on a tablet if you use 4G LTE technology.

Which is a better phone or tablet?

The biggest difference between phones and tablets is the screen size. Tablets have a bigger screen size that of a smart phone. While you can do all these activities on a smartphone, but a smaller screen isn't as comfortable from a visual perspective, when you are watching movies or playing games.

What are the disadvantages of a tablet?

Disadvantages Of Tablets

Tablets don’t have any Keyboard. The biggest potential downside to purchasing a tablet computer is that there is no physical keyboard built-in.

Lack of Ports.

No DVD or Blu-ray Drive.

No High-Definition.


High Price.


Is I KALL Tablet support 4g?

Yes, you can check the complete list of I KALL Tablet

Shop for your tablets here and select your desired tablet from a  wide range of brands like Micromax, Samsung, Intex, Zebronics, HP, Iball, Apple, Lenovo, and others. Today in the fast-developing world tablets which in comparison work the same as a computer is gaining tremendous popularity. The reason behind this specific growth is the urge to always stay active in social networks and at the same time having the flexibility to work from anywhere. Thus, without having a second thought of owning a laptop or a smartphone, we will always suggest you go with the latest invention a calling tablet.

At, you can discover various options available to pick 3G OR 4G tablets of exciting range. You can enjoy surfing the internet at lightning speed and also do multitasking; this is all possible due to the presence of high geared processors. The storage capability of an Android tablet or a Windows tablet is configured in such a splendid manner that it can easily store numberless multimedia files. It also can be used as voice calling and thus, it is clear to everyone that if you want a captivating way to make your life easier then and there you should choose a tablet that will be the best option. The kind of processor, memory, hard disk capacity, screen size, graphics aptitude, and much more are there which help you to select a tablet.