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Shoes For Men

The footwears reflect upon a men’s personal and his approach to life. Here at Pricedesi, you can find the appropriate footwear that will not only suit your personality but also your preference and occasion. So if you are looking for a perfect pair of footwear, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of footwear in a different style and for different occasions. Whether it is formal or casual, you will find everything with us like formal shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, floaters, sandals, etc.

Best Shoes For Men

Brand Type of Shoes
Red Chief Shoes Casual, Formal, Hiking Shoes, Sneakers
Sparx Shoes  Sports Shoes only
Puma Shoes Sports Shoes, Running Shoes, Shoes for Gym, Football, Soccer 
Nike Shoes Football shoes, Sports, Running, Hiking, Cricket Shoes
Red Tape Shoes  Formal Office uses only
Woodland Shoes Ruf and Tuf shoes, Hiking and Heavey Machinery work
Adidas Shoes Sport, Running, Lightweight shoes, Gym work shoes
Lotto Sports, Running, Cheap Price 
Bata Formal, Casual, Sports, All-weather shoes


Mens shoes

For any man, shoes are the perfect partners for their feet for all times, except when they’re on the bed! So it is needed to invest in good quality shoes so that you can walk in comfort as well as you look stylish. For men, shoes are like what jewelry means to a woman. They love to highlight their appearance with the help of the right kind of footwear. For men shoes are strong enough to emphasize their style quotient, hence every man should invest in shoes to look and feel good.

No matter how busy a man gets his sporty side would always want to wear something that catches the eyes. When you are off duty, just have a break from the formal look and make the ladies fall for you with stylish casual sneakers or loafers. On every online store, you will get a great collection of loafers, car shoes, chukka boots, flip-flops, and sandals. Espadrilles, canvas shoes, and plimsolls are good to tap into a metrosexual feel thanks to their varied colors and a greater amount of detail.

Men’s shoes do reflect their personality!

Unlike common beliefs and sayings, fashion is indeed meant for both women and men. It is certainly wise to talk about the on-going trends in terms of shoes for men. The fact is that more than their outfits, men’s footwear speaks a lot about their personality. So it is suggested to pick the shoes wisely as they are more like a mirror to their personality.

If women can have a wide array of collection of shoes in their shoe rack then men should also have their own different pairs for different occasions. One can enrich his shoe collection with a wide collection of shoes available at Bata India online store. Men’s shoes on our website are meant for every occasion for all age groups.

Be it formal shoes in leather material or informal shoes in suede material, all the shoes are just a click away on the Bata e-store. They have a great user-friendly web store interface where you can browse from a variety of shoes and pay the amount online. The website comprises of shoes from Bata itself and all other in-house brands including Hush Puppies, Power, Naturalizer, Comfit and more.

Talking broadly about the different categories of footwear for men, these days there are different shoes designed for different occasions. Here is the list:

Formal shoes: Formal shoes are made for formal occasions like office meets. Perfect for corporate premises, formal shoes are made from great quality material and offer a stylish and suave look to individuals. Two of the most common formal shoe types are Dress shoes and oxford shoes. These shoes are crafted from leather, PU and suede leather and lend a complete look when teamed with pin-striped shirts, trousers, and formal coats. The classy boat shoes also give a refreshed look at formal gatherings and can be worn with chino pants and crisp subtle shirts.

Casual shoes: These types of shoes ensure a smart look at various gatherings includes. The type includes moccasins, sneakers, loafers, and plain lace-up suede leather shoes. Moccasins give you a royal look as they are indigenously built with hi-end material in leather. The sneakers are made to offer a cool and funky look at casual gatherings as they are crafted from canvas and synthetic material. Loafers and lace-up shoes are also very stylish in look and give a smart look with casual outfits.

Sports shoes: These shoes are specially made for strenuous gym sessions and jogging. Crafted from mesh and synthetic upper with EVA or rubber sole, these shoes offer a great grip so that you keep your balance while exercising. Bata’s in-house brands including Power and Comfit are very popular sports shoes for an excellent performance.

Sandals: These days, every man prefers to wear sandals on most of the casual occasions. There are two types of sandals available which are open-toed sandals and closed-toed sandals. Sandals are made from leather as well as synthetic materials. Leather sandals can be worn in the office premises on Saturdays with T-shirts and denim. The open-toed sandals are also known as flip-flops and can be worn on various casual occasions and Sunday outings with friends.

Slippers/Chappals: Nowadays slippers are not only worn at home but they can be worn outside your home on different occasions. These days slippers come in stylish designs and can be worn to casual gatherings. The slippers are usually light in weight and are comfortable to wear for long durations.

Outdoor shoes: These shoes are known for their toughness and are meant for trekking purposes and various outdoor activities. Bata’s Weinbrenner brand is a very popular brand that manufactures outdoor shoes that are long-lasting and keep your feet healthy even when you are heading to the tough mountains or rough terrains.

List of Types of Shoes Online For Men Types

Types Of Shoes Online For Men

Sports Shoes 

Casual Shoes 

Formal Shoes 

Loafers and Moccasins 

Sandals & Floaters 

Slippers & Flip Flops 



Specialty Footwear 

Buy online shoes at cost-effective prices!

Dressing up for occasions can get much simpler when you buy your favourite shoes from online. Online purchase has become more and more popular because of the convenience it offers along with the trouble-free payment gateways. Online stores offers features like easy navigation, catwalk videos and 360° product views which helps you to get the exact view of the product. There are also services like free shipping and easy return facilities that shoppers have always loved while shopping online.

List of Best Selling Shoes Online for Men price

Latest Shoes Online for Men


Knoos Men Brown Lace-Up Boots 

Rs. 369

Rod Takes Black Synthetic TPR Velcro Casual Floaters For Men 

Rs. 339

29K Brown Leather TPR Casual Slippers For Men 

Rs. 279


Rs. 369

Aaiken Men's Brown Faux Leather Casual Loafers 

Rs. 384

Vitoria Stylish Juti For Men 

Rs. 332

29K Exclusive Black Peshawari Sandals 

Rs. 386

Hotstyle Blue Canvas PVC Smart Casual Lace-up Sneakers For Men 

Rs. 248

Men's Blue Stylish outdoor Boot 

Rs. 474

Evolite Gray Mesh TPR Sports Shoes For Men 

Rs. 429


Finding the Right Shoes for Men in India

Now you can browse through, select and order the latest shoes for men from Myntra. Here you can find anything from footwear, jeans, T-shirts, jackets, blazers, ties, bags, accessories and even home décor articles. Pricedesi brings you only a hundred percept genuine branded products at very affordable prices with features like secured payment through UPI, net banking and also COD. So log in to Pricedesi and check out the best shoes online for men on Pricedesi today.

The types of men’s shoes available are

Formal Shoes – Depending on your personality, you must choose your shoes. Formal shoes are absolute classics for a reason. Not only can they be paired with office formals, but they also look absolutely perfect with evening suits too. You can also opt for a pair of single or double monk strap shoes or even Derbys to for some variation.

Casual Shoes – Casual shoes go very well for semi-formal occasions and are versatile in nature. Moccasins are a great example of casual shoes for men and look just as good with trousers as they do with chinos and denims. Also, loafers such as horsebit, penny or tasselled ones are available in many colour variants .

Sandals or Boots – The decision to buy a pair you want in your collection of shoes for men is reliant on the weather of the place you are in. Sandals are perfect for urban, coastal or dry environments while boots do well in wetter, colder climates.

Sneakers – Sneakers are the kind of shoes that can be worn to have the most fun. You can opt for bright colours, neon highlights or the more neutral, monochrome ones.

Men's Shoes Price List - Top Models

Men's Shoes Top Models


Nike AIR MAX INFURIATE 2 LOW Basketball Shoe For Men (Black)


Lotto VERTIGO Running Shoes For Men (Black)


ADIDAS KRAY 2 M Running Shoes For Men (Blue)


Puma Icon IDP Sneakers For Men (Black)


Sparx SM-162 Sneakers For Men (Black)


ADIDAS NEO VS ADVANTAGE CL Tennis Shoes For Men (White)


Sparx SD0323G Canvas Shoes For Men (White, Black)


Fila CONE Canvas Shoes For Men (Navy, Red)


ADIDAS NEO VS ADVANTAGE CL Tennis Shoes For Men (White)


Fila NACIO PLUS Canvas Shoe For Men (Black)



Why you should get the right pair of shoes

It happens to most of the people that when you leave home feeling your best self but as the day progresses the pinch of shoes can cause quite a bit of discomfort, or the uneasy stride one is forced to walk with when wearing ill-fitting shoes. That is why investing in footwear that fits right, looks smart, and pairs well with one’s wardrobe are the most important thing.

Sports shoes like cricket shoes, training shoes, football shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes, etc have been designed in such a way that players can play their best game, without any fear of slipping or hurting themselves. Men’s footwear in this category does come with a feature of the padded footbed, cushioned ankle, and texture sole so as to offer players comfortable wear.

Formal and casual shoes are not the best choice of footwear during the summer months. Not to worry, with sandals, slippers, floaters, and flip-flops, your summer can now be more about fun and less about losing your head over foul-smelling feet.

The best part is, you can now browse through and buy all styles of men’s footwear with just the click of a button - by shopping online at  pricedesi. we have a great interface that helps the buyer to easily browse through hundreds of shoe designs of footwear for all occasions, from major leading brands. Payment options on the site include net banking, credit or debit card payment, and cash on delivery. we also offer an easy exchange and return policies, in case of product damage or dissatisfaction with a purchase.

What are the different types of men's shoes available online?

If you are in the habit of wearing the same pair of shoes for all occasions, then you are doing it wrong. In today’s fashion-obsessed world, you can find a lot of styles under shoes for men online like sneakers, loafers, men's sandals and the like. The classification of men's footwear has been made on the basis of the shoe style, build, and design. Let us look into some of these categories in detail.

Sports shoes for men – Also called athletic shoes or sneakers, these sports shoes for men are crafted with the help of special technologies to assist you in sports-related activities. They are generally made of non-leather materials and feature mesh detailing for maximum airflow. These kinds of sports shoes often feature sweat-absorbing and abrasion-resistant properties to protect your feet from blisters and chafing. Their cushioned ankles, textured rubber soles, and padded footbeds aid your feet in easy locomotion, minimizing injuries. You can get some of these under Reebok shoes, Nike shoes, Puma shoes, Adidas shoes, Skechers shoes, Mi shoes and the like.

Formal shoes for men – Whether you are suiting up for work, dining at a five-star restaurant, or attending your friend’s wedding, there is a pair of formal shoes to suit the occasion. You can find formal footwear for men in a variety of materials such as genuine leather, suede leather, and PU. Shoe styles such as the monk straps, brogues, driving moccasins, boat shoes, and Oxfords fall under the formal category. Lee Cooper shoes, Ruosh, Hush Puppies, Bata are some good brands that have great formal shoes.

Casual shoes for men – Sneakers, moccasins, espadrilles, loafers and wedding shoes fall under the casual shoe category of footwear for men. They are usually made of canvas, pelt or leather, and feature rubber or synthetic soles. They are great to be worn with casual and semi-formal outfits. Fila, UCB, and Woodland shoes are great choices under this one.

Men's Sandals, floaters and flip-flops – These are the most common type of casual footwear for men who prefer to wear something light and airy during summers. They usually feature rubber or plastic soles, cushioned footbeds and straps to hold them in place. You can get these under Crocs, Sparx,, Puma and the like.

What the advantages of leather Shoes?

1. Breathability

You may have the phrase that leather breathes. Yes, it is right. Not like actual breathing but rather it let’s air pass through the material so you feel comfortable wearing shoes.

2. Durability

One of the biggest benefits of leather shoes is its durability. Genuine leather shoes can last for years. High quality leather stays strong against any environmental challenges.

3. Water Resistance

If the leather is treated or waxed on a regular basis then it will be resistant against water and other liquids and thus makes it more durable. When working outside or in kitchens, you need to wear shoes that are water resistant to keep your feet dry and avoid any external damage to the shoe.

4. Extra Protection

If you work outdoor leather can help protect your feet from accidents or injuries.

5. Better Fit

If you wear leather shoes, the leather material can be molded into the shape of your foot. Not everyone's feet are exactly the same and leather can adapt to the shape of your feet, giving your feet extra comfort and support.

6. Comfort

Leather is a very strong material and it is also very comfortable to wear. Leather shoes make you feel comfortable when you wear them for long hours.

7. Easy to Clean

Compared to other fabrics that can be difficult to clean, leather is easy to wash down with a damp cloth. Because the material is breathable, leather products aren't difficult to dry either after they have been washed.

8. Style

Genuine leather looks stylish, you can't deny it. Shoes made from manufactured materials can often look plastic and unnatural. Leather naturally makes shoes and clothes look like a luxury item because the material is sleek and shiny.

9. Eco-Friendly

Clothes made from synthetic fibers and fabrics have been considered as damaging to the environment but leather shoes are very much eco-friendly.

10. Smells Good

Nothing beats the smell of genuine leather. It doesn’t produce any bad smell.


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What is the price of Bata shoes?

Bata Shoes Price List in India: (50% Off Offers) Lowest Price

Bata Shoes Models

Bata Shoe Price List & Offers

Bata Men Olive Green Derby Shoes

Rs. 1649

Bata Textured Slipon Black Formal Shoes

Rs. 1105

Bata Dance Brown Formal Shoes

Rs. 1300

Bata Swag Brown Formal Shoes

Rs. 2800


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You can always judge a person by the pair of shoes the individual is wearing. A man’s gracious attitude and personality are often reflected by the pair of shoes he is wearing. So this made bound to add a section that includes the latest fashionable and worthy men’s shoes in their online store. has a considerable stock of men’s footwear that is capable of giving you the right kind of outlook for every occasion and suits you. has been the exact stop where anyone can get stylish shoes for men developed following the latest trends.

You might be requiring formal shoes to attend an official meeting, men’s casual shoes for moving out with friends, or running shoes for doing exercise in the morning; or simple sandals to spend time sitting in the garden with a mug of coffee. Regardless of your need, every such item can easily be yours by browsing our online store of men’s footwear. To accompany your shoes, we have the latest design crew length socks. Woodland, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Fila, Lee Cooper, Red Tape, Converse, and many others are highly known men’s shoe brands. We have each of these collections in different colors, styles, and designs at our online store. Our collections are unique, and it can be guaranteed that after browsing our assortment surely you will have the urge to come back for more shoes. Now let’s talk about the exciting and lucrative part of our online store- You can always get men’s footwear offer at which will give you the advantage of buying men’s footwear at affordable prices.

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