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School bags are one of the most essential things for any student. In a school bag, they can carry everything they might need for the entire day at school, such as books, notebooks, stationery, and even a lunch box and water bottle. In fact, the school bag plays the role of a backpack for any student and it becomes a loyal partner of many young working professionals too. An attractive school bag can bring interest to the young student to go to school or daycare with a smiling face. You can buy school bags from online shopping sites. Buying school bags from online stores can be very convenient as you can literally shop anytime and from anywhere.

On an e-store, you can browse through different brands, colors, types, and sizes of backpacks for girls in a very convenient way. You can sort or filter your research result with the help of many tools available on the online sites. On these online stores, you can even check the reviews, ratings, and compare the prices of different school bags online before you decide to buy any bag.

Let’s have a look at the brief guideline about the right buying decision:

Types of school bags for kids

There are many types of stylish school bags available in the market from different brands for different purposes and requirements. You can choose from a multipurpose bag, shoulder bag, sling bag, or backpack online. Multipurpose bags are ideal for teenagers, who have to deal with many extracurricular activities to do apart from studies. These may include art and science projects, sports, and/or any other activity that requires additional supplies.

Shoulder bags are mostly useful to carry lunch boxes and water bottles. These bags can also be used to carry gym clothes or extra shoes if required in school. Sling bags are also popular among teenagers and college students. In fact, these bags are popular among every age group. Finally, there are backpacks that are ideal for traveling, hiking, and camping, apart from carrying to school.

Choose your school Bags as per age group

If you are looking to buy any gift for your child, then you can choose a stylish and colorful school bag online depending on the academic level of the child. There are school bags for different age groups like kindergarten/playschool students have a different type of bags. The preschool goers and primary school students have a different choice so their school bags look different. The secondary school students are higher in age so their choice is also different.

Styles of School Bags

When it comes to styles you can find different stylish bags available in the market with various prints of fictional characters, cartoon characters, and other themes. You can buy a school bag with popular themes, such as Batman, Angry Birds, Avengers, Barbie, Ben 10, Captain America, Doraemon, etc. While shopping online, let your child choose the bag. You can also choose a school bag online for different colors. Let your child choose their favorite color which may range from black, red, blue, pink, green, and purple among other attractive shades.

The importance of choosing the right type of school bag

A new school bag is one of the important things for your child because if your children carry heavy and badly fitted school bags they might struggle when lifting them on stairs or during the walk to school and this will lead to back pain. So it is important to choose the right school bag for your child so that they will never suffer from an issue like back pain. The back pain that may cause due to an ill-fitted school bag may eventually be a reason for the development of bad postural habits. This could affect your child’s concentration at school or impact on them when they play sport.

Follow these tips to help pick out the right school bag:

Not just picking the right bag but it is also important to use it correctly

So always look for wide padded straps over shoulders, with a chest strap and hip belt. A lightweight bag makes it easier for your child to move with their bag. Proper padding will reduce the pressure on the spine and choosing a bright color will keep them safe and visible.

Here are the top 15 school bags

1. Travel Backpack School Bag:

This is the latest type of school available in the market. This school bag serves multiple purposes. It is quite spacious so your child can carry a number of products in it. Also, it is made up of elastic material which makes it more durable and long-lasting.

2. Gear Axe School Bag:

This is the padded bags. They offer a proper shape to your school bag. This is mostly preferred by athletic or sports-loving kids. These bags come with shoulder padding and waist strap too. You can keep your water bottle as they have a bottle holder too.

3. Casual Backpack:

These are generally bit big in size and durable just like normal backpacks. But they are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Some of the bags have also message written on them. They can also contain compartments but they come in amazing style and finish.

4. Large School Backpack:

This is the largest school bags available in the market. Normally, these backpacks are extra-large and spacious. They have a lot of space inside to store various things in 3-4 large compartments. They have comfortable shoulder straps to keep these large bags in shape. They also contain a side pocket where you can keep the water bottle.

5. Waterproof School Bag:

Generally, kids play in water and rains and if the school bag doesn’t have waterproof quality. If they have used ordinary quality bags that are not waterproof then all their copies may get damaged. So, you should always choose the waterproof school bag, especially in the rainy season so that your kids' belongings get protected.

6. Adjustable Stripe Backpack:

This is another type of school backpacks which has adjustable stripes so hat student scan adjusts the bag according to their height and size.

7. Cartoon School Bag:

This is the most favorite type of baby school bag among the kids. Today everyone is fond of cartoon characters such as chotabheem, shin Chan and many more. So, many school bags come in a number of designs of their favorite cartoons. Some have their names printed on them along with the cartoon characters.

8. Military School Bags:

This is another unusual type of children's school bag with military shades like – brown and green on it. This gives a very patriotic and warrior feel to the bag.

9. inside Polyester School Bags:

This is comparatively a low budget school bag, this bag has an inside lining of polyester which is quite durable. There is additional padding inside the bag to give shape and solid feeling to the bag.

10. Chair Pad School Bag:

This is a stylish and innovative school bag, which fits just in the shape of the chair’s shoulders when you unhook them.

11. Wheeled School Bags:

This is introduced to ensure that your child needs not to carry heavy school bags rather he can only move them comfortably by wheels.

12. Trolley School Bags:

There is trolley attached above each bag wherein your kid needs to pull that trolley rather than carrying the heavy bag on his shoulder.

13. Canavs School Bags:

This type of school bag is made up of thin canvas material. They come in a huge variety of print and colors.

14. School Bag with Lunch Kit:

This is a very popular kind of school bag among the metro kids. Now, a day the schoolbags became so heavy that there is no space to keep lunch box. So, manufacturers have designed this bag where there is a separate chamber for keeping a lunch box.

15. Compact School Bags:

This is another multi-utility bag. They are not as big as backpacks, but they have a number of compartments and bottle holder.

So, this was an all-round update about school bags. You can easily find this in a number of online shopping stores. They offer a wide range of products which you can browse through on the online stores. You can also filter your search according to your preferences. There are advantages to buy school bags online. You can shop any time and from anywhere even from your home.

You can check every detail regarding the bag like material used and the manufacturer’s name on the product details page. You can even check for reviews and ratings of the product.

You can pay online with different payment options available like card ament, net banking, and UPI payment. You can even opt for cash on delivery.

The return and refund options available in the online stores are also very helpful to the customers. You can contact the customer care department to initiate a return process.

You can search and purchase top quality bags like wildcraft school bags, unicorn school bags, puma school bags, Adidas school bags, barbie school bags, wildcraft dapper school backpack at great convenience.

Top 10 school bag brands in India

1. American Tourister

Founded by Sol Koffler in 1933 as American Luggage Works in the USA, the company was acquired by Samsonite in 1993. The company is renowned for manufacturing top quality suitcases, backpacks, baggage, and wallets. You can buy it from online and avail awesome discounts.

2. Skybags

Owned by VIP Industries, Skybags is a leading brand for luggage, bags, backpacks, etc. Skybags have a wide range of products including duffel bags, trolley bags, cabin luggage, and school bags. School bags come in a range of colors and designs which will certainly appeal to children and young adults.

3. F Gear

Bangalore based F Gear has been manufacturing backpacks, travel bags, briefcases, and other similar products since 2002. These bags are widely available online in most shopping portals.

4. Nike

The name needs no introduction. This one of the big brands when it comes to sports gear. They also manufacture sports bags with great quality and comfort.

5. Skyline

Skyline has a massive range of products including various types of bags for industrial, commercial, and personal use. A wide selection of Skyline school and college bags is available on popular online shopping sites where you can get a good amount of discounts.

6. Puma

One of the most famous brands in the world for sportswear, footwear, and apparel is Puma. The company has collaborated with top design brands like Mihara Yasuhiro and Alexander McQueen and also has the biggest sports stars as its brand ambassadors.

7. HRX

HRX is a company launched by Hritik Roshan that is based on a life philosophy to keep pushing to one’s extreme. The X in the brand name represents this extreme. The brand manufactures fitness and fashion products which include shoes, bags, clothing, and other accessories.

8. Wildcraft

This brand is popular for its trekking and adventure gear and accessories; Wildcraft has a wide range of products like bags and backpacks. Wildcraft is now a brand known for its light and durable, well designed and even stylish products.

9. Flying Machine

Flying Machine from Arvind Mills is the oldest brand of jeans in India, formed in 1980. Now it has become a full-fledged fashion brand and Sushant Singh Rajput is their brand ambassador. Flying Machine has apparel, caps, sunglasses, and a variety of bags including backpacks suitable for school and college.

10. Lavie

Lavie launched its first bag collection in 2010 and soon extended its range to shoes, belts, wallets and other accessories. Designed for the modern 21st Century woman Lavie is a favorite brand among millennials today with their products available on most online shopping sites.

List of Best Selling School Bags price

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Lionbone School Bag Unisex Boys Girls Backpack Polyester Back bag with Trendy Design Book bags, 

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Trekkers Need Shree Jee School Bag Purple 

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  1. Which school bag is best?

Here is a list of best school backpack brand in India


  1. Can a school bag be washed in a washing machine?

Most backpacks can be washed in a regular washing machine using detergent, but some of the bags need to be hand-washed depending on the material.

  1. Can I put my school bag in the dryer?

School bags never to put in a dryer as this can cause damage. Rather, you should allow your backpack to dry naturally outdoor, away from direct sunlight.

  1. Where to buy a school bag online?

You can buy school bags online. All the leading e-commerce stores sell school bags of all the reputed brands.

  1. Do school bag manufacturers in Hyderabad sell waterproof school bags?

Yes, they sell waterproof bags that help in keeping the books inside the bag dry during the monsoon.

6. Can we get school bags with animation characters?

Yes, manufacturers do make bags with popular animation characters printed on them because they sell a lot.

7. How long do manufacturers take to make one bag?

The time depends upon the design, size, and materials used. If you are placing a bulk order for school bags, it requires some time.

8. Do the school bag manufacturers sell trolley school bags?

Some of them sell trolley school bags, the cost of which is a bit higher than regular bags.

9. What is the cost of school bags?

School bags cost anywhere between Rs. 200 to Rs. 2,000.

10. How do you clean a backpack without washing it?

Use a small amount of gentle detergent and wash the pack on the gentle cycle in cold water to wash it properly.

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